Arbitration Process

Dispute / Arbitration Policy

Where there is a disagreement between a Customer and a Business/Service Provider e.g. over the quality of the service rendered and a refund is subsequently demanded by the Customer, both parties have the option of referring the dispute to POMERAC’s Dispute Management Centre (

Alternatively, for a Customer in particular, he/she can also access the Centre by clicking the open folder icon on the “My Appointments” page or the file folder open case icon the file folder icon entitled “open case” found in the Appointments Quadrant of the “My Account” page.

The Customer or Business/Service Provider must access the Centre within twenty four (24) hours subsequent to the scheduled completion of an appointment.

At the Centre, the parties in the first instance, are required to attempt resolving the issue directly with the other through online dialogue. In the example of alleged poor quality of service by the Business Service Provider, the Customer will be required to specify, with sufficient detail, how said Business/Service Provider has allegedly delivered poor quality service. Additionally, the Business/Service Provider will have the opportunity to explain its account of the provision of said services.

If there is no recorded resolution to the complaint/issue between the parties, either party can escalate the issue to the POMERAC Site Administrator. The Site Administrator will use the recorded dialogue between the parties as mentioned above, will mediate the dispute from henceforth and have will have the final say as to its resolution.

Failure to abide by the resolution as determined by the parties’ online dialogue within the Centre or the Site Administrator’s determination will result in the termination or suspension of the Business/Service Provider’s or Customer’s POMERAC Membership account.

This policy is effective as of March 28th 2015. For any questions regarding this policy please do write to