Escrow Policy

Service Policy

POMERAC is committed to providing a cost effective online scheduling web interface for Businesses and Service Providers as well as Customers seeking what they offer. POMERAC is therefore devoted to ensuring that our clients, both Business/Service Providers and their Customers, are furnished with a range of options for comfortably making and managing appointments to suit their needs and preferences.

POMERAC therefore strives to answer all your questions asked whether by email, Facebook or Twitter. We also seek out and seriously consider constructive feedback as contained therein.

POMERAC, in giving responses, will maintain utmost good faith and courtesy to guests and clients. We therefore encourage that guests and clients also exhibit observe similar standards, namely to:

Refrain from using abusive language to users of POMERAC’s Site, Applications and Services;

Avoid spamming; and

Advertising/offering personal or commercial services.

Further rules of behavior to be observed, are listed under the “User Conduct” section of the Terms of Service document found at

Where any rules of behavior are not followed and/or where otherwise relevant, POMERAC will request that you to rephrase your question before answering. We reserve the right to terminate any conversation or refuse to respond to any email deemed inappropriate. We also reserve the right to delete or hide tweets or Facebook posts when these rules are not respected.


POMERAC will do its best to answer your questions accurately. However, no warranty is given as to the accuracy or completeness of the information. In no event will POMERAC, nor any of its members, directors, employees or advisors accept any responsibility or liability for any (consequences of) mistakes, inaccurate or incomplete information provided by this website or our agents. In particular, POMERAC will not be liable for any mistakes or incorrect information regarding prices and conditions with respect appointments as listed by Business/Service Providers or as committed to by Customers’ bookings.