Refund Policy

POMERAC is committed to providing a cost effective online scheduling web interface for businesses. POMERAC provides a platform to schedule and accept payments for appointments as well as to promote and manage all aspects of a business, online and through our mobile application.

The POMERAC platform serves to create an online community where people who want services can interact with people/businesses that are providing services. POMERAC is also committed to protecting Customers who are not satisfied with the level of service provided by a Business/Service Provider. POMERAC will facilitate the Customer in receiving a refund in accordance with the Business/Service provider’s Cancellation policy less any transaction fees.

The refund policies govern the payment of refunds to a Customer in the event of:

· the cancellation of an appointment by the Business/Service Provider or the said Customer (i.e. the Cancellation Policy) ; or

· any poor quality service received by said Customer, during the course of an appointment, for which that Customer seeks a refund (i.e. the Quality Policy). Any refund decision made by the POMERAC Administrator, under these circumstances, is final.

POMERAC’s Quality Policy applies to all Business/Service Providers and Customers regardless of the cancellation policy held by the Business/Service Provider.

THE REFUND policies are binding upon both Customers and Business/Service Providers according to POMERAC’s Terms and Conditions ( Customers and Business/Service Providers are therefore encouraged to read BOTH POMERAC’s Terms of Service and its’ Refund PolicIES carefully before making and accepting appointments THROUGH POMERAC SITE OR APPLICATION.

Key Terms

Active Period – means the time period from when a listing is posted by a Business/Service Provider to the time an appointment is slated to begin.

Appointment – a listing made by a POMERAC Business/Service Provider to provide a service (e.g. classes, meetings, events, etc.) via the Site and Application for booking by a Customer.

Business/Service Provider - means a Member who creates a Business/Service Provider account and provides a service via the Site, Application and Services. This also includes workers or sub Business/Service Provider accounts set up under the Business/Service Provider Account.

Cancellation of an appointment – An appointment is officially cancelled when the Customer or Business/Service Provider clicks the cancel appointment button on the specific appointment on the Business/ Service Provider Calendar.

Customer – means a POMERAC Member who requests from a Business/Service Provider a booking of an appointment for a service via the Site or Application.

Dispute Resolution Process – is POMERAC’s internal issue resolution process that is activated by a Customer who, within twenty four (24) hours subsequent to the scheduled completion of an appointment, clicks the "Open Case" button on the Appointment page or the file folder open case icon the file folder icon entitled “open case” found in the Appointments Quadrant of the “My Account” page.

The Customer will be taken to an area, known as the Dispute and Resolution Centre, where he/she can attempt to resolve the issue directly with the Business/Service Provider through online dialogue.

If there is no resolution to the complaint/issue between the parties either party can escalate the issue to the POMERAC Site Administrator, also through the Dispute and Resolution Centre, who will mediate and have the final say in all disputes.

Throughout the Dispute Resolution Process, the Customer will be required to specify, with sufficient detail, how Business/Service Provider has allegedly delivered poor quality service. Additionally, the Business/Service Provider will have the opportunity to explain its account of the provision of said services.

Extenuating circumstances – where extra-ordinary circumstances have arisen where a Customer may need to cancel an appointment, the POMERAC Site administrator may override the Business/Service Provider’s applicable Cancellation policy and determine the appropriate quantum of refund to the Customer. Such cases will be contingent on proper documentation explaining instances, for example, where there is/a :

  1. Death in the Customer’s family;
  2. Customer has a serious illness or there’s a serious illness in their family;
  3. Natural disaster in the country where the appointment is taking place;
  4. Political unrest in the country where the appointment is taking place; or
  5. Customer has jury duty or other similar civil obligations.

Transaction fees – the applicable cost to POMERAC for facilitating online monetary exchanges between the Customer and the Business/Service Provider.

Quality Policy

POMERAC is committed to ensuring the Customer receives the highest quality of service from the Businesses/Service Providers using its platform. Where, following an appointment, a Customer alleges that the quality of service of a Business/Service Provider is poor and consequently seeks a refund of monies paid with respect to an appointment (hereinafter referred to as “a case”), the Customer shall:

1. Participate in the dispute management process until resolution of the dispute;

2. Contact the Business/Service Provider directly, through the Dispute and Resolution Centre with a view to negotiating said refund to the extent to the parties agree;

3. Where no agreement is reached between the parties following #2 above, formally contact the POMERAC Site Administrator (hereinafter referred to as the “Administrator”) also through Dispute and Resolution Centre, to act as the final arbitrator of the case between the Customer and the Business/Service Provider; and

4. Abide by the decision of the Administrator.

The Administrator shall take into consideration both the Business/Service Provider’s and the Customer’s account of the dispute and all relevant and related circumstances related to the dispute including ( quality of service, punctuality, attendance of instructor, etc., ) before making a final decision.